Net Art part 3 –

I would like to introduce you to Netart collaborators Joan Heemskerk of the Netherlands and Dirk Paesmans of Belgium, otherwise known as


Jodi's map of the internet


Jodi creates interactive arts work through a deconstructive disassembling of interactive software such such as games and interfaces. The programs are stripped down to their bare coding and then rebuilt to reveal the essential format of the program, but drastically or subtly changed to reveal a structure that does not make intuitive sense . The idea is the same as deconstructivist art and architecture in that it seeks to question and elucidate the role of structure and purpose. As a critique of gaming, the absurd nature of the constructs reflects an absurd idea inherent in virtual gaming itself and internet conventions.

In this 1997 interview, they discuss the early years of their art and net art as a concept.

Examples of jodi’s work includes a reconstruction of games Quake and Wolfenstein 3D. The Quake-deconstruction has become well known in netart circles. It reassembles the game format, via coding,  into abstract, dysfunctional and haunting digital spaces leaving very little control to the user.


Still of 'Untitled Game', a reconstruction of Quake.


Jodi’s most well known works involve decontructing user interfaces and websites-as-art, at first unbeknownst to the browser, who slowly becomes aware it is the product of an artist having fun, not a glitch in their own computer. This is, a series of links and browsers that display varying levels of absurdity and deconstruction.


Screen view of


Other sites service as beautiful interfaces for their own sake, combining imagery and interactivity nicely, such as

My personal favourite is globalmove, a play on google maps that is frustrating and clever. Enjoy.

Ps. A great site to keep up with and discover great art that is happening on the web can be found at


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  1. devinegirrl says:

    Umm, I think I just downloaded a virus. Are you sure about this???

  2. devinegirrl says:

    O, I get it (phew)

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